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After careful consideration and with a focus on our shared vision for the future, the Board of Directors of AIA Southwest Washington is pleased to announce that the Vancouver section will be integrated into the AIASWW Chapter. This strategic decision aims to streamline our collaboration, enhance our commitment to architects, advocacy, education, and our community, and create a stronger, more unified entity that can better serve the needs of our members.


The integration process will begin on January 1st 2024 and we are confident that this step will bring numerous benefits to our members and the architectural profession in Southwest Washington. Here are some key advantages of this integration:


By combining resources and efforts from the Vancouver section and AIASWW Chapter, we will be able to streamline our activities, share best practices, and work more cohesively towards our common goals. Our unified organization will be better equipped to support architects at every stage of their careers, providing them with more robust professional development opportunities, networking events, and resources.


As a larger and more united entity, we will have a stronger voice when advocating for issues that are crucial to architects, our communities, and the built environment in Southwest Washington. Together, we can have a more significant impact on the communities we serve, promoting the value of architecture, design excellence, and sustainability.


The integration will enable us to expand our educational programs, workshops, and seminars, empowering our members with knowledge and skills to excel in their professional journeys and provide resources for young architects to assist with the financial burdens of pursuing a degree in architecture.

We understand that change can raise questions, and we assure you that the integration process will be thoughtfully managed by the Board of Directors, with the best interests of our members at heart. Our goal is to ensure a smooth transition that preserves the strengths and identities of both entities while creating an even more vibrant and engaged architectural community.


As this integration unfolds, we encourage all members to actively participate in our activities and initiatives. Your involvement and commitment are vital to the success of this endeavor and the advancement of our profession.


  • Current AIA Southwest Washington annual dues 

    • Associate Members = ​$110.78

    • Architect Members = $207.15

    • Emeritus Members = NA

  • Current AIA Vancouver annual membership dues 

    • Associate Members = ​$55.39

    • Architect Members = $137.85

    • Emeritus Members = NA

  • Proposed AIA Southwest Washington annual dues (starting in 2025)

    • Associate Members = ​$94.00

    • Architect Members = $188.00

    • Emeritus Members = NA


As part of our integration, AIA Southwest Washington leadership has been actively working over the past year to update the chapter's bylaws to reflect the change as well as clarify some of the language surrounding membership types. These Bylaws will be voted on at our 2024 annual meeting. If you'd like to read them ahead of time, click the link below. Any proposed amendments to the Bylaws must be provided before September 1st, 2023.


  • September 20th, 2023 

  • October 13th, 2023
    • The board will review any comments and issue a follow up letteraddressing any of the concerns or proposed modifications.

  • February ?, 2024

    • Hybrid Annual Meeting

    • Vote on proposed integration and updated bylaws

  • January 1, 2025

    • Proposed AIA Southwest Washington and AIA Vancouver integration is made official

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